The All New Ford Fiesta S1600 Eco Boost

2011 Ford Fiesta S1600 2 The All New Ford Fiesta S1600 Eco Boost

2011 Ford Fiesta S1600 3 The All New Ford Fiesta S1600 Eco Boost

The 4 cylindered engine of the Ford Fiesta Eco Boost has a very sporty appeal. The cabin is made up of Recaro seats. The area towards the lower grille has piping and the front mount has an inter cooler. The car wheels are of 17 inch diameter and are made of alloy; the car has a very sporty body kit. The new Eco Boost engine features direct injection. The 2.0 litter 4 cylindered engine generates 230 horse power .The end of 2011 will unveil the new Ford Fiesta. It has a high speed limit of 140 mph. the diffusers, the rear tracks and the exhaust pipes have all been changed and modified.

The turbo charged engine is all set to gear up the car’s performance. The 2011 Motor Show at Geneva will unveil this car. The 3 door car in its new avatar is all set to capture the roads. The Recaro seats add to the sportiness. The car also boasts of dual exhaust tips and the wheels have a bigger and better brakes adding to the aggressive appeal to the car. So this spring of 2011 is all set to have the first glance of this mega sophisticated, energetic high definition car. The car also has a clear wind screen and pedals made up of alloy.

The seats are of pure leather and also have air bags in front and side to add safety to its passengers. The steering wheel boasts of leather too. All in all this car is a power house which has high definition of architectural proficiency and has added a new sporty touch to this car. Ford’s Eco Boost Fiesta comes a long way since the inception of Ford’s first Fiesta which was launched 30 yrs back. Since then Ford has always renovated and matched customer expectations.

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