The All Terrain 2011 GMC Sierra HD Concept

2011 GMC Sierra HD Concept 1 The All Terrain 2011 GMC Sierra HD Concept

2011 GMC Sierra HD Concept 3 The All Terrain 2011 GMC Sierra HD Concept

This heavy duty car is a versatile version of a truck that is advanced in all it features. The car is all set to give you a smooth ride no matter how rocky the road is. It has a 1000-6- speed power train of Allison- Duramax diesel and a four WD chassis. The track is much wider and the ground clearance is also increased. The body too boasts of a new dimension styling with advanced suspension. The heavy duty truck takes the concept of All Terrain HD to the next level. It can navigate the toughest of roads. The body has been shortened for a smooth- angular drive.

The ground clearance is increased and greater stability is achieved by the 73 inch wide track, the under body too has a very composite protection. The skid pads are integrated to provide cooling in tough conditions and the grille has an air flow optimized system. The engine gets more air from the hood that has a forced induction system. The tyres are 35 inches in diameter. The compartment at the cargo box used for storage is lighted and is situated at the rear.

The bed is protected by a ‘unique circuit board’. The power of the lights of the car has been increased to increase the visibility. The car boasts of high intensity LED head lamps, fog lights and also tail lamps. Flood lights are also of LED. The car has a metallic finish exterior and the interiors too are made in tune with the exterior. The dark grey leather seats matching with the seating surface which is embossed and made of fibre styled leather combine together to create a great internal ambience. The centre console, the steering wheel and the instrument panels are all aesthetically covered in leather. The Sierra boasts of a navigation system and also has a hard drive of 80 GB for map and navigation storage.

This car is all set to capture the roads.

–Kreation Guru


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