The Announcement of Gorgeous Porsche Boxster S Black Edition

Porsche Boxster S Black Edition 1 1024x768 The Announcement of Gorgeous Porsche Boxster S Black Edition

Porsche Boxster S Black Edition 6 1024x723 The Announcement of Gorgeous Porsche Boxster S Black Edition

Porsche Automobil Holding SE is usually known as Porsche SE, it is a German automobile manufacturing company, which is known for manufacturing some of the best high class cars, most of which are luxury cars. The performances of these luxury cars are world famous and this automobile company is a major share holder of other automobile giants like Audi, Bentley, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Skoda and a lot of other international automobile manufacturers.
A driver will be ecstatic while driving the car through broad highways at high speed. The special feature of this sophisticated vehicle is the impressive jet black colour which has been applied to paint the car from top to bottom. Interior and exterior parts of the car are tinted in black hue. Inset side glass mirror fixtures, steering wheels,name plates, different types of bars and rimmed grills are painted in shades of black colour.The 19 inch sized wheelbase and strong axle bar have been properly fixed to the car.There are also a number of other car accessories like air outlets, properly adjusted sun visors, flexible steering wheels with gear box fitted on the car.

The recent addition in the German automobile manufacturer’s family is the Boxster S Version, which is a grand luxury car, unveiled in US and in other car markets. This model of Boxster is a limited edition which will be available to few lucky car buyers and customers. In fact it will be available to 987 customers and there is a great hype among car enthusiasts for this car. This luxury car is not only black in colour, but it is also available with a convertible top, along with 19 inches Spyder wheels. In this model you will find a boost in power along with new amenities. The air intake, twin exhaust pipes and the roll bars are all black in colour. This black beauty is two seater car and the interiors of the car is also black in colour.

The engine of Boxster S Black is an upgraded 3.4 litre flat six engine, which packs a 320 HP at 6400 rpm. It is also equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission, which is the standard one. This new edition of Porsche Boxster S Black is such a car, which has a very fast acceleration and it can reach from 0 to 62 mph in only 5.2 seconds. In fact it can reach in 5.1 seconds, when the car is set with Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK), the double clutch gear box. On the other hand, if you wish to lower the acceleration, then you can combine the PKD transmission along with the sports chrono package plus and the launch control, which will lower the rate of acceleration to 4.9 seconds.

As the fuel consumption of the car is concerned, it remains the same as that of the standard model. This model has 28.8 mpg while the carbon dioxide emission is very low, that of only 221g/km. The interior of the car is also completely black in colour, apart from the stainless steel doors. The trims strips in the dashboard, the shift levers as well as the gear selector, which ever piece you set your eyes on, is black. In fact the dials on the instrument bunch and the leather seats of the car is also black, partially. The interior is made up of full leather. Standard designs are available with wind deflectors, cruise control, anti dazzle mirrors on both the exterior and the interior and the climate control system. Prices will be different for buyers in various markets.

In an official statement, the company’s management committee and team of experienced engineers expressed their hope that New Porsche Boxster will surely be sold in huge. Recently, in a report, researchers have declared that this car has successfully been qualified in NEDC test which is done to check the fuel consumption rate of the car. The approximate price of this vehicle is $65,200.

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