The awesome GMC Granite

gmc granite concept 1024x682 The awesome GMC Granite

gmc granite concept 6 1024x682 The awesome GMC Granite

General Motor Company (GMC), an American auto company, is preparing its model, GMC Granite to officially go in for production. The model was presented in 2010 at the Auto Show in Detroit, USA, and quickly gained reputation of an ideal possession for car lovers. To their disappointment, it did not go into production for reasons yt unknown.

The news of its production last year had first come through Motor Trend (MT), an automobile magazine, but was denied by GMC. Lately, the same magazine is once again making claims, this time made reliable through double check with a GMC source that the Granite concept will be now up for production and will have the Delta II C-segment platform like that of Buick Verano, Chevrolet Volt and Cruze. The power will be of 138 horsepower and will be provided by an engine, turbocharged with 1.4 liter capacity as used for the Cruze. The concept is expected to use dual clutch transmission from a six-speed gearbox (manual) or a conventional automatic of the same speed. Motor Trend’s suggestion that GMC’s use of 177 horsepower engine of 2.4 liter capacity, like that of Verano, can also be a great option. The car will keep its unique suicide-style rear doors and will display an ‘urban lifestyle ‘.

GMC has not made any official announcement to this effect yet but its production has got a ready nod from the company without any typical hassles of market research, focus group studies and PowerPoint presentations. Its production is expected to begin in 2012 but the Granite concept will be put up for marketing only by 2013-2014.

Everyone interested in this car model is waiting with baited breath to its rolling out into the market. Patience is a virtue and will surely pay off those who will firmly continue to adhere to it!

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