The B99 Jaguar Concept looks Stunning

Bertone Jaguar B99 2 1024x682 The B99 Jaguar Concept looks Stunning

Bertone Jaguar B99 6 The B99 Jaguar Concept looks Stunning

The Jaguar brought to you by Bretone which gave the car a new lease of life by incorporating exquisite designs, is all set to hit the roads. The car is known as B99 as it celebrates Bretone’s 99th Anniversary. This 4 door sedan personifies class and glamour with cutting edge technologies installed to make it a power house.

The length of the car is around 4.5 meters giving you the look of a limousine and its height is 1.35 meters and breadth is 1.95 meters. The A Pillars which are thin, the windows which are narrow and the front which is short all add up to the car’s classy and appealing look.

The tail and the head lights too are kept thin, which is very different from the similar sedans, the car also has an oval shaped grille. It has a sci-fi look boasting of rear hinge doors and has wheel inserts of chrome. So the Geneva Motor Show of 2011 is all set to unveil this new age machine. This 4 door sedan is all wrapped up in aluminium and glass silhouette. The bonnet boasts of it ‘leaper ‘mascot. It does have certain similarities with present Jaguar yet it is different.

It boasts of a power train which is hybrid and the panels are of aluminium. The car is all set to be a speed machine and has the looks of a futuristic car shown in sci-fi movies with all the modern amenities and gizmos. This car is a sue shot hit and the show rooms are all set to flaunt this new machine. This car has the perfect brand name as well as the looks that will keep the spectators dazzled. This car promises great performance and with this classy look that it boasts of, this comet is set to stir the automobile market.

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