The Belgian Car Imperia GP unveiled

Imperia GP 101 1024x576 The Belgian Car Imperia GP unveiled

Imperia GP 91 1024x576 The Belgian Car Imperia GP unveiled

Imperia was a famous brand that originated from Belgium. The automaker has enjoyed its high days in between the years 1900 and 1950s. Gradually the manufacturer lost its hold on the consumers and faded out from the auto market. Recently the plan to revive the once popular brand materialized in the year 2008. The management plans to design the yet to be produced cars based on the popular classical models, fitted with the latest in technology. It is similar to the revival plans of Morgan and Wiesmann etc. Hybrid technology will be widely used in the latest car models from Imperia.

Recently Imperia attended the Belgian Auto Show in the past month, and handed out the photos and details of their revival car model at the show. The hybrid car will portray a retro style that looks stunningly impressive. The hopes of the Imperia brand are based on the GP that will go in to sale from 2012. The car is supposed to be priced at an affordable range of eighty nine thousand nine hundred and fifty Euros. This is inclusive of the VAT. However, for the rich kids of the block, the 1st edition of the car will be available at 1,20,360 Euro, inclusive of VAT.

Imperia GP is equipped with a turbo engine of 1.6 Litre capacity along with an efficient electric motor. The sleek machine delivers a power of 154 kWatt or 207 bhp along with a two hundred and fifty Newton Metre. The car promises to run 70 Km on electric power, if it is charged once. It takes almost four and half hours to get the car fully recharged. The car takes 6 seconds to reach the 100km/hr speed using the electrical energy only. It takes 4 seconds to hit the 100km/hr speed using the engine and motor together.

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