The Cool Fast Car, Mercedes Benz SLR

2011 Wheelsandmore Mercedes Benz SLR 4 The Cool Fast Car, Mercedes Benz SLR

The car that gives you the ultimate driving experience that is sophisticated, stylish yet classy is the Mercedes Benz SLR. It delivers a 730 hp which has a handmade exhaust system aided by a customized pulley and it also boasts of an upgraded software system along with detachable regulator flab. The 6 Sporz optimizes the performance. The 3 piece wheels which are forged together have a size of 9.0 x 20 inch in the front and the rear wheels are 11.5 X 20 inch. The wheels are fit perfectly with the chassis which is made of carbon. The Dunlop tyres are super resistant enhancing the car’s performance. The German DIN standards are kept as bench marks for all components, making the car one of a kind and quintessentially exquisite.

The weight is cut by 30% by its extra light coil cover made of aluminium. So you can drive the car as fast as the wind. You can customize the interiors. Mercedes has always paid attention to intricate details when it comes to the interiors, giving you the finest leather seats, perfect cooling, safety controls and the ambience you would like to be in.

Technologically too it has all the gizmos. The handmade exhaust system along with the optimal control system and the new compression ratio makes this car a master piece and gives you the best ride ever. This car is living up to the expectations of its brand name along with the expectation of the Gen Y consumer who are ever demanding when it comes to performance and detailing.

This car is a luxury car which brings a lot of restless excitement in the automobile market. The super cool styling of the car is a sure head turner and can give the famous Batomobile a run for its money.

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