The Design of 2010 Honda Air Concept

2010 Honda Air Concept 1024x768 The Design of 2010 Honda Air Concept

2010 Honda Air Concept 3 1024x848 The Design of 2010 Honda Air Concept

Honda’s air concept design car was unveiled in 2010. It is a lightweight vehicle. It uses alternative fuel for its functioning. The look of the car is also aggressive and rough, and has roller coasters and skydiving wing suits. Due to such type, the car has been aptly named as Air Concept.

The 2010 Honda Air Concept Design car is an alternative fuel based, light weight car which has been inspired by the roller coaster. The car has a pneumatic regulatory system and is powered by compressed air. The turbo vacuum and the external airflow are also used, in order to redevelop the tank pressure. It is required to redevelop the tanks pressure to extend the range as well as to increase the boost, which will last for 100 miles approximately. As the safety of the car is concerned, this model of the car uses the polymer panels which are vegetable based.

From outside, the 2010 Honda Air Concept looks like today’s roller coaster, which have been designed keeping in mind to create the open air feeling for the riders of the car. The framework or the “chassis” of the car is done in such way, which is multi utility in nature. It can be used for many purposes, that of reducing the redundancy along with reducing the weight of the entire vehicle so that it does not exceed more than 1000 lbs. Some of the other techniques which has been used in the car for reducing the overall weight is the use of hub less wheels and a drive system apart from the train system, which is the standard drive. Tyres of urethane composition, seating panels which are made up of unbreakable glass and the sub frame components which are light weight and is like skeleton also helps in weight reduction. In fact use of all these components in the car’s make had reduced the weight to nearly 800lbs, which is very low.

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