The details of Jaguar’s 3 Series Fighter

jaguar x type The details of Jaguar’s 3 Series Fighter

Jaguar Cars Limited which is often referred to as Jaguar is one of the famous British automobile manufacturers in the world. It was founded by Sir William Lyons in 1922 and it was then known as Swallow Sidecar Company. It was named so because the company initially manufactured motorcycles and side cars, before it started to manufacture passenger cars.

The Jaguar cars are designed in the Jaguar and Land Rover Engineering centres and are pretty famous. Most of the Jaguar models are huge and is pretty often referred to as fighter cars. Even though there are various types of car models available, Jaguar thought of scrapping the XF model which was established few years ago and thought of building a new model which will be known as the XE . In fact this new model of Jaguar will help the company to enter into a healthy competition with the existing other cars belonging to the BMW 3 series. This new model of car is a reborn of the X type cars.

The officials are of the view that in order to compete with the other automobile giants, they have to scrap the existing model and to make a new one, which is a smaller version of the sedan. In fact along with the existing model, another model which has been named as XF is also under development. The X type model which is being replaced and is made in a newer manner is supposed to have a long wheel base. While the XF version will be available in the Chinese market, the wagon version will be available for sale in the European market.

The sports car has a front engine and has four cylinders which are turbo charged and V6. The V6 technology for this car will be derived from Jaguar’s own V8, which is a direct injection and has a capacity of 3.7 litres. The sedan, which is comparatively smaller in size will follow the sports car, it will have a shallow front and rear. In fact this new sedan is much more “pointed” as far the design is concerned in comparison to the rival cars of other brands.

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