The Drive in of a BMW ActiveE

2011 bmw activee concept 2 The Drive in of a BMW ActiveE

2011 bmw activee concept The Drive in of a BMW ActiveE

The BMW ActiveE Concept will only be a test car with all modern technologies. This car will be the test car for BMW’s future electric models. They will be leased to select customers to do the test drives and give correct feed backs.

The Geneva Motor Show 2011 will give the BMW ActiveE a chance to walk the ramp and make a grand presence to this world. This new vehicle the ActiveE will reach a speed of 60 mph or 96 km/h. Three lithium-ion batteries which replace the fuel tank and replaces the engine give this power to speed up. The 168HP or 125KW and 250NM of torque will give this engine a powerful status. The kinetic energy can help the vehicle to move and it aids it to move in a gliding motion. An Eco Pro mode lowers the energy emitted by the air conditioning and the heating system. The EV can be charged by the ordinary household socket. If that is not possible a 32 ampere wall box is enough to recharge.

The design too is unique and this attractive looks add spice to this vehicle. The grey seats with leather fabric and dotted with blue stitches makes it look different. The new instrument cluster, absence of tail pipes gives the car a fresh look. A bonnet scoop and a livery which is influenced by an electric circuit is what set this electric vehicle apart from the others. The missing tail bagpipe with one of the best bonnets helps the new look.

The 90m/hr or 145km/hr of smooth driving and the soothing grey interiors gives the car makers BMW a reason to be proud of. With the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show they will have enough reason to celebrate when their new ActiveE walks down the isle. Car lovers are looking out to welcome the new vehicle with open arms to give the new BMW a run for production.

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