The Echo of the Eco-friendly T2 E55 AMG

Idria Concept T2 E55 AMG 1 1024x662 The Echo of the Eco friendly T2 E55 AMG

Idries Noah takes the world by surprise again by giving us yet again another stunning car. This time the concept is different, it is a T2 eco friendly vehicle which this graphic artist has gifted the world with. This electric hybrid super-car is environment friendly and at the same time one of the world’s fastest car. The 3.5Litre V6 engine is connected to two electric motors. It will be a fast car with a powerful engine. With 469 hp or 350kw power output the vehicle offers serious raw power. T2 concept will be appreciated because of the time it takes to attain a velocity of 0-60mph or 0-90 km/hr. It is only a flat 4 seconds. It can be compared to the W211 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG. The talk of town of the Idries Noah’s T2 concept is the superb design, super fast drive and an eye towards the protection of environment. The 469 horse power producing 3.5 liter hybrid engine is making the other car manufacturers rethink about their products. Tarsiya is the original design renamed T2.After being redesigned Honda NSX and this new T2 both seem to have the same specifications. The gasoline engine V6 along with several electric motors brought in the Green car concept. The aerodynamic of this car is causing concern and the trial and error method for increasing the speed up to 100km/hr in 4 seconds is being looked into. The engine cover nests 5 holes to help the engine breathe better. The car body also looks very realistic and holds the curves in the correct place. Car manufactures and designer have their eye on this stylish virtual car that the South African designer has conceptualised. Idries Noah had been influenced to think differently because of the worldly problems of oil reserves. Transition from oil to electricity also has been inspired by the designer of T2. Now globally we will have more eco-friendly cars and the concept of a fast car with this concept will also pour in to the Auto Industry.

–Kreation Guru


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