The Environment Friendly Euro Nemo 5 Citroen

2011 Euro 5 Citroen Nemo The Environment Friendly Euro Nemo 5 Citroen

With promises of lower emission and a powerful engine the Euro 5 Citroen Nemo becomes an environment friendly vehicle. The advanced Start-&-Stop system makes the vehicle being looked forward to, in the European market.

The low carbon-dioxide emissions and less fuel consumption make this vehicle is a good buy for the difficult economic situation. This stylish van with a new bonnet and high-torque along with a 1.3HDi diesel engine has a low cost running expense. This power assisting steering will cost £10,665 in the European market.

The Greenest model concept is effective as the carbon-dioxide emission has decreased from 119g/km to 113g/km. This minivan has an improved load-space and improved payload capacity. The Euro 5 has a Diesel Particulate Filter System (DPFS) fitted to the engine. The powerful footbrake brings the vehicle to a super halt and it starts off the engine on its own after the halt as soon as the driver cares to remove his feet from the brakes.

The new Nemo range vehicle has an engine which contains 75hp and the torque of 190Nm. A £230 cost saving of fuel is estimated for each individual vehicle running 20,000miles in comparison to the 1.4HDi. Sound and pollution free this new Euro 5 Nemo has a better fuel consumption when there is more traffic on the streets. The added advantage is it runs both on petrol and LPG.

The driver’s airbag, height adjustable seat belts, headlamps and the rear doors are the other features of the vehicle. The MP3 player, the remote control central locking system together with the load compartment having a separate locking system along with a height and reach steering wheel which is adjustable gives the owner added facility.

The French Automobile company Citroen can be proud about having this advanced technology on an environment friendly vehicle which is just the model that the market needs.

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