The Exciting 2011 Volvo s60 T5

2011 Volvo s60 T5 1 The Exciting 2011 Volvo s60 T5

2011 Volvo s60 T5 3 The Exciting 2011 Volvo s60 T5

The super car Volvo S60TS FWD has so many features that is sure to leave everyone breathless. Along with its features you also get a special lease rate plan of $299/ month which is available only till February 28, 2011.

This car has a turbo of a 2.5 liter from a 5 cylinder engine that delivers a HP of 250 lb- feet and a torque of 361 Nm. You also get the over boost mode which delivers a torque of 295 lb-feet which is 401 Nm.

The Geartronic transmission sends the power to the Volvo’s front wheels and this technology is called the Volvo’s 2nd generation automation- the Geartronic system. Some of the features that this car boasts of is the power driver seat which has memory, a sporty front and rear seats, an air conditioning which is dual zone to give you the perfect cooling. The steering is made of leather and has metal inlays. The head restraints too can be folded by power. To give you the perfect music surround it has an 8 speaker sound system. The car also has Bluetooth connectivity along with hands free phone interface. The wheels are 17 inch alloy wheels.

The car also gives safety its top priority as it boasts of Advanced Stability Control, Dynamic Stability and Traction Control and air bags in multiple numbers along with WHIPS- which is Whiplash Protection Seating System.

This 5 passenger seater car weighs 3548 lbs. the estimated MPG is 20 in the city and on the highway it is 30. The upholstery is made of T-Tech leather which gives the sedan a class of its own. This car has the perfect styling the perfect technology and the perfect looks to appeal to any market and create a loyal consumer base. This car is a perfect blend of style and design.

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