The Exciting 2012 BMW 7 Series

2012 BMW 7 Series The Exciting 2012 BMW 7 Series

Beijing Auto Show has the privilege to get the first glance of the 2012 BMW 7 Series which is scheduled to hit the showrooms in the spring of 2011. To keep up with the requirements and the expectations of the technologically advanced consumers, the auto has been modified to their upscale needs. This gas-electric hybrid has much more added functionality and features.

It’s DOHC .4 litres V8 engine which boasts of a 325 HP is available in 6 speeds and 8 speed automatic transmissions and is sure to be super powerful. You can drive this power machine in the roughest of roads with it 4 wheel grip and independent suspension. This car has got its rear bumper redesigned and has got its front grille sharpened, it has LED lights and offers more space to keep your extra packages. The car is all set to give nightmare to its competitors in the sedan class. BMW has not only upgraded its performance but also is a powerful machine that can deliver immense speed and full proof safety to its passengers.

It boasts of a power assist which help the driver drive safely and also manage the steering wheel. The wheels are 18 inches and sturdy. It also has a voice navigation system helping you with the directions. The car boasts of a surround sound system, having 10 speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. The upholstery is pure leather which makes BMW a class apart. Safety too is kept in mind with its anti lock system, brake locks, knee air bags and a tire pressure monitoring system. At night too, when its pitch black, you can drive your BMW safely as it has night vision cameras making you see what’s ahead of you in a range of 100 feet. It’s truly a car that has been innovated and made to capture the roads.

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