The Exciting SSang Yong SUT1 to be Unveiled

 The Exciting SSang Yong SUT1 to be Unveiled

 The Exciting SSang Yong SUT1 to be Unveiled

The 2011 SSang Yong SUT1 Concept will be featured on the 3rd of March 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show. It meets the consumer’s need of style as it has a modern styling of a Sports utility car. The length of the car is 4985 mm and it is 1910 wide and the height is 1755 mm. it also has a generous wheel base of 3060 mm. it complies to the Euro 5 as it is environment friendly and has a 2.0 litre of diesel engine that gives an output of 155 rpm. The Torque produced is 360 Nm.

You can choose between an option of a 2 wheel drive or a 4 wheel drive and either a 6 speed manual or automatic transmission. It is scheduled to hit the markets of Europe by 2012. The Korean Company is making this car based on the concept of Actyon Sports car concept.

While you get to choose amongst the 2 wheel drive and the 4 wheel drive, you also get to choose from a 2000 cc diesel version and a 2300 cc petrol version. This car is stylish and contemporary and it has all the modern features that make it one attractive automobile.

This power house is all set to hit the roads in early 2012 and it is sure to be a hot seller with its new design and the innovative technology. The environment too is kept happy as it is environment friendly. This car has all the appeals of a contemporary and sturdy car as its machismo is delivered by the exteriors. Even though much detail about the interiors are not revealed, it is sure to match with its masculine exteriors and redefine style. This car is ready to be a dream driving machine and its sure to give its contemporaries a run for their money with its class and appeals.

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