The Ford 2011 Ranger Super cab 4×4 WB XLT

 The Ford 2011 Ranger Super cab  4x4 WB XLT

 The Ford 2011 Ranger Super cab  4x4 WB XLT

The 2011 Ranger Super Cab 4X4 boasts of a TPMS which is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring system and all models have the safety feature called the Securilock. This is a personal safety system. This car is a 4 door automobile which can hold up to 5 passengers. The wheels are 15 inch painted steel having large 16 inch rims made of aluminium. The car is available in 2 versions a 4 door 126 in WB X LT style and a 4 door 126 WB in Sport style. The car has one engine and each version has a capacity to hold 4.0 liters of fuel, V6, a horse power of 207 and an engine that gives you a 15 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the high way.

You get the option of an over drive with a 5 speed automatic transmission and each car has an overdrive with a 5 speed manual transmission. The top engine is split into cylinders which are set in a V shape. It gives an HP of 207 and 5250 rpm and 238 lb feet at 3000 rpm.

The pay load capacity is 1260 lb and the capacity for towing gives a range of 1580 lbs. the Ranger boasts of disc brakes and standard ABS and rear drum set ups. This car is technologically revamped and has all new dimensions to put it in a class apart. It lives up to its brand’s name as Ford for years has been delivering cars that has not only lived up but surpassed people’s expectations. The compact pickup is sturdy and can give you the smoothest drive in the rockiest of terrains. All set to capture the roads, this roaring power house will surely be a car to look forward too. Ford by delivering this car has proved that their ideology is reinventing and modernization of existing technology.

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