The Ford Focus Electric 2012

2012 ford focus electric 1 The Ford Focus Electric 2012

2012 ford focus electric 2 The Ford Focus Electric 2012

The renowned car company, Ford, has lately come with its first ever passenger car which is all electric, the Ford Focus Electric. This car is equipped with new control system and functions which can be personalized. It was officially presented in Las Vegas, at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) and was also displayed in Detroit.

It is a five-door car. The C-segment chassis and suspension is all new being tighter than ever. Its T+VCT14 engine is of 2.0liter capacity with direct injectors, providing denser and more precise charge giving an excellent start to the vehicle. The electric motor is of 123 horsepower with 181 lb-ft torque and single speed transmission. It has a lithium-ion battery which takes a convenient three to four hours to charge at a 240V charge station.

The interior has new electronic features like the smartphone application called MyFord Mobile which enable the drivers to remotely control the car, charging feature by Microsoft, and MyFord Touch, the connect system for the driver enabling the driver to stay undistracted on the road. This is made particularly for electric cars. These all come as a boon to the driver who is kept safe through displays, different controls and through connectivity.

It reaches a top speed of 136km/h or 84mph. The carbon dioxide emission is nil. Together with this is the innovation of using renewable and recycled materials for the interior instead of petroleum-based products making Focus Electric a uniquely ‘green’ car.

The car will go into manufacture at Ford’s Michigan plant, Wayne, USA and Ford Focus will roll into the North American market by the end of 2011. For the Europeans, Ford has to still decide on the location and begin the manufacture of the car though it is scheduled to make its appearance for sale by the end of 2012.

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