The Ford Ranger 2012 Wild track

2012 ford ranger wildtrak 6 The Ford Ranger 2012 Wild track

2012 ford ranger wildtrak 9 The Ford Ranger 2012 Wild track

Ford, the famous American multinational automobile giant is based in Dearborn, which is a suburb of Detroit. The industry was founded by Henry Ford and was built on 16th June, 1903. The way by which the cars are being manufactured by Ford is known as Fordism and is famous worldwide. There are different varieties of cars which are being produced by Ford and are available in various price ranges.

The latest addition to the Ford automobile family is the Ford Ranger Wild track. This latest model of Ford is the cause for real hype to all those who are sports enthusiasts, as this a sporty car. The 2012 Ford Ranger Wild track is available in the XL range, while the XLT diesel variety of the same brand is available in Australia. The details about the 2012 Ford ranger wild track were declared in Geneva and there was a positive response from the prospective buyers and car enthusiasts.

The debut of this sports car was unveiled in Geneva last March. Even though this range of car was unveiled in March, this car will not be available in the market right now, but will be available in the later part of this year.

The new model of Wild track has attracted a lot of car enthusiasts due to its styling which is sporty in nature and is focused for sports purposes. The wheels of this range are large and so is the body kit. Even though the original model is not on display, but it is believed that the front will have a new fascia. The head light designs as well as rear lights are also newly designed, along with the hood and front grille. This range of car will also be longer and wider, as compared to the earlier models.
As far the mechanism of the car is concerned it will be built on the T6 platform and the engines will be of Duratec, petrol as well as diesel engines. As per the saying, it will have a 2.2 litre and 3.2 litre TDCi diesel units, along with a 6 speed manual or with an automatic transmission. If you wish to buy the right car, then you need to wait a bit, because the prices of the wild track range is yet to be announced and will be available in the market at the year end.

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