The Interesting Suzuki MR Wagon

2012 suzuki mr wagon 1 The Interesting Suzuki MR Wagon

2012 suzuki mr wagon 2 The Interesting Suzuki MR Wagon

Suzuki MR Wagon with 660 cc three cylinder petrol engines has been completely redesigned. Along with a fresh style, this is the first time it has got a makeover in five years. The price will be around US$13,700. This vehicle with a 1,625 mm height, length of 3,395 mm and a width of 1,475 mm has the 0.7 liter three cylinder engines. The engines provide 64HP and 54HP raw power. The model is available in all wheel and front wheel drive configurations. The car is fitted with an ESP system with Hill Hold Control; along with a touch screen audio system. With an automatic column shift the vehicle has a 4 speed transmission.

The Suzuki MR Wagon launched in Japan is the first car to have a Denso Starter. Easier to install and at the same time it is 40 percent lighter than the usual or the conventional starter, helps to increase the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The ‘kei’ car concept in Japan which represents vehicles that are really small helps domestic manufacturers use the formula to avoid taxes. Suzuki MR Wagon is built with one such formula. Enhanced audio technology, USB connectivity and iPod compatibility along with a unique style got Suzuki to launch the complete newly made wagon. Wheelbase is 65mm or 25inch lengthier than its ancestors.

This car which can comfortably seat four people claims to have enough room making it spacious enough. The ride is more comfortable and is more stable. With a lighter weight this vehicle can claim to be a little more fuel efficient which is the call of the day. Since it is more fuel efficient so there will be less carbon-dioxide emission making it more eco-friendly. The buyer has a choice of an all four wheel drive or a front-wheel drive. It is a car for every day use.

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