The Maserati Quattraporte Black Bison Edition

Maserati Quattraporte Black Bison Edition 9 The Maserati Quattraporte Black Bison Edition

Maserati Quattraporte Black Bison Edition 8 The Maserati Quattraporte Black Bison Edition

The Black Bison was unveiled in the Wald International, based on the concept of Maserati Quattraporte; the Japanese tuners have given this car not only a new name but an absolutely new design. The car has varied new features like new bumpers, LED day light lamps; it also has carbon fibre splitter. There is also the revised bumper in the rear. The spoilers too are roof mounted and there is another one which is trunk mounted. The exhaust system is chrome plated. The car also boasts of being outfitted with aerodynamic side skirts. The wheels too are massive and powerful.

You can own this Black bison without its wheels at a price of $10,650. This luxurious car by the Japanese tuner Wald International has re innovated and actually given the car a design that stands not only for their creative mettle but also for their dedication towards giving the automobile lovers something to look forward too. This car looks super stylish and has a new design to flaunt and has all new added features.

The car also flaunts its revamped rear bumper, a coddler which is mounted in the roof and also a trunk mounted coddler. The car also boasts of 20 inch, very powerful monolithic wheels. The innovation showcased by the Japanese tuner company is not only commendable but also worthy of accolades.

This car has all the new features that any automobile lover would expect in a luxury yet sporty drive and it has more to deliver. It has class and yet the design is not over done. This car has the perfect blend of style, design, speed and power. A perfect blend for the very perfect drive. Time and again the Japanese have proved their dexterous skills through their innovated automobiles.

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