The Mercedes-Benz B-55 with All New Features

Mercedes B55 1024x682 The Mercedes Benz B 55 with All New Features

Mercedes B55 6 1024x682 The Mercedes Benz B 55 with All New Features

Mercedes Benz B-55 version is the new car model which will be more competent with a number of salient features. At Rastatt company in Germany, this car will be manufactured to meet the higher expectation of the people. According to experts, Mercedes Benz B-55 will have durable and properly adjusted 5.5 litre capacity V8 engine with eight cylinders in order. This V8 engine releases 388 hp. There is a sophisticated automatic transmission system which supplies and transfers power to front and rear wheelbases. The front portion of the car is built with strong and durable metal sheet which is further insulated in double coated colour shades to enhance the brightness of the car.

This car is suitable to drivers and they can operate different sorts of electronic modes comfortably. This car is also upgraded with carbon diffuser and tyre pressure measurement tools. The sophisticated odometer has been installed inside the car to gauge the distance covered by the car itself. The inner compartment of the car has been designed with retractable seats plus leather accessories. Car seats are designed with cozy leather cushions which are soft with smooth texture. This car generates 530 Newton Meter torque. The start-up system of the car is excellent. It sprints well to reach the velocity of 100 km/h within six seconds.

Experts have used original tools and power train to build up the car. This new edition doesn’t produce harsh sound while running via highways and streets. The axle bars of the car are fitted to the front and rear wheelbases. Tyre bands of the vehicle are smooth and have excellent gripping power. The proper size of AMG alloy tyre wheels is 18 inches. Inside the car there is excellent air outlet to remove the suffocation and odour, if any. The spoiler and air ventilators are also available inside the car to determine better airflow inside the car cabinet.

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