The Muscular Jaguar XKR-S with 550HP V8

Jaguar XKR S 1024x682 The Muscular Jaguar XKR S with 550HP V8

Jaguar XKR S 3 1024x682 The Muscular Jaguar XKR S with 550HP V8

The luxury car manufacturer from Britain, Jaguar is all set to surprise its fans at the Motor Show in Geneva, beginning March 1, this year. It has announced the release of the new XKR-S car model after introducing the upgraded XKR just last year.

The XKR-S model is a mass-production car having enhanced aerodynamics, overhauled suspension and comes equipped with V8, the uprated supercharged engine.

This engine is of 550 horsepower with maximum torque of 501 lb-ft (680 Nm) which means a 40 horsepower and 70Nm increase over the previous model. This makes XKR-S the fastest car of its class at a speed of 300km/h or 186 miles per hour, and sprint time from0-96km/h (0-60mph) of 4.2 seconds and a pickup speed from 0-100mph in only 8.6 seconds. Jaguar also claims that this is the only car in its particular class to have low carbon dioxide emissions of 300g/km.

The aerodynamics comprise of the front bumper looking more aggressive, the side-skirts redone, rear wing that is large with the rear bumper redesigned and air vents on the bumpers as well as on the hood.

The Adaptive Dynamics System is reprogrammed and minor changes made to the suspension. The wheels are of alloy, of light weight aluminium, with performance tires.

The Black Pack styling is available in three colours, Polaris White, Ultimate Black and Salsa Red, available only for the Speed Pack.

The XKR-S is an exciting new automobile ever made by Jaguar and its appearance displays confidence in what it is made for! The company plans to release the images and all details of the car only at the upcoming Motor Show, Geneva, keeping the fans waiting with pounding hearts to see the new beauty.

In Britain, the price of the Speed Pack is confirmed at 3,500 GBP with additional 500 GBP with a Black Pack.

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