The New T 128 Challenger Released by Team Lotus

2011 Team Lotus T128 challenger 1 1024x680 The New T 128 Challenger Released by Team Lotus

Even though there were disputes regarding the launch of Radical New T 128, finally it was launched by Team Lotus. The dispute between Team Lotus and the Renault team was regarding names, which is yet to be resolved. Even though both the teams claim on the naming issue, it was the Malaysian counterpart, who was successful to release the online news about the new car. In fact the Malaysian counterpart could release it before the British counterpart could unveil it in Valencia.

As Team Lotus could unveil it earlier, it becomes the second such team who could unveil the 2011 challenger, which followed the release of the new Ferrari F150. The spokesperson of the team claims that the car is entirely redesigned and has no resemblance with the last year’s car.

The New T 128 challenger is being designed by Mike Gascoyne and this model of the challenger is more user friendly as compared to the earlier model of T 127. In fact the design of T127 was done in a real hurry in order to grab a place for the team. So the design was conservative in nature. The new version of the challenger T128 is done keeping in mind about the previous models and necessary changes were made in the existing model of the car.

Instead of using the Cosworth power Renault which was used in the T127 model, in the recent T128 Challenger model, the Red Bull gearbox is used. In fact the KERS regenerative braking system is also not used as per the regulations which have been laid down. The T128 is green and yellow in color, with a few changes, but the initial plans of switching it to the JPS Black and Gold was discarded. This new racing car is yet to make its racing debut on the tracks, until the second round of testing is complete in Valencia.

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