The Recreation of the Shelby GT500CR Classic 2011

2011 Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR The Recreation of the Shelby GT500CR Classic 2011

It is time for the vintage cars to woo the auto enthusiasts. The aura that a vintage car has cannot be captured by any other car no matter how technologically advanced it is. Vintage cars have a place of its own in the automobile market and also in the hearts of the consumers. A classic car is not only a status symbol but also speaks a load about the individual’s impeccable taste.

The Classic Recreation GT500CR which is approved by the Shelby American is personally signed by Carrol Shelby. The Classic Shelby comes in different colours and you can choose from a red and white, grey and black, yellow and white, blue and white or any other combination of your choice. It boasts of a 18 gallon fuel cell and has a Horse power of 545. The fibre glass exterior and the 1000 LEDs are an excellent sight to behold. The seats too have the signature of Carrol Shelby.

The PIAA fog lights are located in the centre. The GT350 has inspired the GT500CR Shelby which boasts of a sleek nose in the lower section. The tail lights at the back add the vintage look to the car, so does the wheels and the huge gas caps. The engine is great when it comes to performance, delivery and a majestic torque of 530 lb- feet and a horse power of 545 hp. The classiness is personified by the wood and aluminium steering. The old world charm is certainly well captured in the car design and takes the passengers down the memory lane.

The giant sway bars help the rear and the front suspension giving the car a great chassis balance. So the ride that you get is smooth and spectacular. The retro body adds sheer oomph to the car giving you a perfect vintage ride that sets you to a classic mood.

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