The Refreshingly New 2011 BTR II 650 EVO Porsche 997

2011 speedART BTR II 650 EVO Porsche 9971 The Refreshingly New 2011 BTR II 650 EVO Porsche 997

If you love speed then you can go for the 2011 BTR II 650 EVO Porsche 997, which is synonymous to speed. In fact it is the recent addition to the speed art family of Porsche. The beast has a PDK gearbox and it is an exceptionally powerful auto.

This is a bi-turbo racer car which has an engine capacity of 650hp and a torque of 900Nm. The reason for being a high spec car is the presence of PDK durable gearbox. The acceleration of BTR II 650 EVO is worth mentioning; as it achieves an astounding speed of 200 kilometer per hour from zero, in 9 seconds. In fact the car has a top speed of 335 kilometer per hour. The power boost up is high which is due to motronic and the VTG turbo chargers. It is supplemented by a sports exhaust and a set of tail pipes. In fact the heat dissipation is also much advanced and better in the presence of large intercoolers. The sports exhaust is also enhanced on the sports car. Twin tail pipes along with sports headers enhances the stylish look of the car. If you wish to upgrade the power from 900 Nm and 650hp then you need to implement a PDK.

The BTR II EVO has some extra features, namely that of front bumper along with spoiler lip, gun frames made up of metal which ensures the down force. It also has an efficient brake cooling, rear diffuser, side skirts and rear spoiler along with movable rear wing which improves the aerodynamics. The tyres of the car are of high quality and the interiors of the car are also well decorated with stitched interior and floor designs of various colours. You can also find safety belts and instrument dials which are available in different colours. As for the price of the car is concerned there is no such detail available regarding it.

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