The Romeo Ferraris, 500C Abarth

Romeo Ferraris Fiat 500C Abarth The Romeo Ferraris, 500C Abarth

Romeo Ferraris Fiat 500C Abarth 4 The Romeo Ferraris, 500C Abarth

Romeo Ferraris, the brand of motor racing cars have always come up with something more innovative and attractive. The 500c Abarth car is out with a fresh glamour to it. It has changed its presentation, courtesy the Italian tuner. This special edition of the car was its birthday gift to itself on its 52nd birthday and the tuner’s 25th anniversary! Because of the great event celebrated by Romeo Ferraris, the car is named The Abarth 500C Anniversario and was displayed to the world on 17th Feb. 2011. It is upgraded in its performance by the tuner.

It is an upgraded version of Fiat 500C Abarth. The main features of this car are first that its engine has added power, which has been increased to 203PS (140KW or 200bhp) an increase by 63PS. The previous model was of 140PS (103KW or 138bhp).This is achieved by installing better exhausts, new turbines and air filters. There’s an upgraded suspension system too which is adjustable and has Bremo brakes.

Man looks on the outer appearance first! Keeping this in mind, the car has been painted anew and its interior further beautified. The car now has red and chrome contrasting colours which add grace and dignity to it and one cannot help give a loud exclamation of glee into the air whenever he/she give it the first look. The interior is also decent and very appealing. The dashboard is red and the upholstery is of black leather. The stitching is contrasting and the patterns are diamond cuts, boosting the interior appearance.

To the marvellous appearance of the car has been added the new front wheels which are multi-spoke with 8x17inches rims in diameter. The two tone coloured car looks elegant and now every car racer’s prime desire. It has already won their hearts. It sure is enchanting.

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