The Spacious Suzuki Solio of 2011-02-24

2011 Suzuki Solio 3 The Spacious Suzuki Solio of 2011 02 24

2011 Suzuki Solio 2 The Spacious Suzuki Solio of 2011 02 24

The Japanese automobile manufacturing company, Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced about their new vehicle model Solio. The car went on sale in January. The wagon from Suzuki is small but tall. The spacious van has the length of three thousand seven hundred and ten mili metre. The car is fitted with an efficient gasoline engine of 1.2 litre capacity. The engine is capable to deliver ninety one horse power and is linked to CVT. The car model comes equipped with front wheel drive but occasionally it is available in all four wheel drive as well. Suzuki is hopeful to sale twelve thousand units of the car in the Japanese market on a yearly basis.

The compact car is meant to boost the sales of Suzuki vehicles in the compact car segment. The interior is spacious and offers comfortable seating option for four adults. The car is planned for the family and it is able to easily serve all the needs of a family. The photos of the car available, demonstrates how easily the car can handle the different needs of the family. The vehicle offers a large space for luggage and other big cargos. The van is also designed to be tall which is convenient for a long journey with kids and the family together. It is a great choice for people who are looking to upgrade from a small car to medium sized car.

According to the OEM supply agreement between Mitsubishi and Suzuki, Suzuki will supply eight hundred Solios to Mitsubishi Corporation every month. This arrangement will start from Spring of 2011. This will considerably improve economy of sale and reduce the production costs of the car. Considerable hype has been created around the Japanese car and we sure hope that the Solio is able to achieve the business success that it so deserve.

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