The Splendid 2012 Buick Regal with eAssist

 The Splendid 2012 Buick Regal with eAssist

 The Splendid 2012 Buick Regal with eAssist

The Chicago Auto Show saw the unveiling of the Buick Regal eAssist which features a light electrification system. This is the second version of the Regal which gives you a fuel economy and you can drive the car at 26 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the high way. So when you compare the improvement in performance over the 2011 Regal it gives you a 25% improvement with its 4 cylinder gasoline engine and 6 speed transmissions.

This super car gives customers satisfaction in terms of both efficiency and experience. So this car defines luxury with affordability. The car boasts of an 115V lithium-ion battery and the induction motor generator that produces 15 kilo watt and this is mounted on to a direct injection 4 cylinder power plant of capacity 2.4 litres which replaces the alternator.

Thus, this car gives you fuel efficiency through its regenerative braking, it cut off fuel when in deceleration and the automatic engine shut-off when the vehicle is stationary. So, this reduces the consumption of fuel. This boasts of a next generation hydromantic 6T40, 6 speed automatic transmission in the power train. The reduction in spin and a higher gearing adds to the car’s system to consume less fuel.

This eco friendly car has 17 inch alloy wheels and the tires are of low rolling resistant. It boasts of a 15 k watt electric motor that gives a horse power of 150 and a torque of 110 pound feet.

Thos car is stylish and features all new and innovative technology that any contemporary consumer would desire. With a smooth driving experience it also gives you the pleasure of driving a car which adds to the style statement. This car is sure to capture all the eyes in the Chicago Motor show as it stands for elegance and style with its design and its fuel economic system.

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