The Spyder Concept from Wiesmann Announced

Wiesmann Spyder Concept 2 1024x682 The Spyder Concept from Wiesmann Announced

Wiesmann Spyder Concept 7 1024x710 The Spyder Concept from Wiesmann Announced

Wiesmann has announced, just recently, that it will present its new car model which will officially make a debut at the upcoming Motor Show in Geneva this year in early March. Their model for 2011 motor show is a spyder concept. ‘Spyder’ is a European terminology for a double-seater roadster (or a convertible). In simple terms, this means that the car is smaller in size than a sedan and is sturdy enough to run on a rugged terrain. Spyder is a much downsized model and the only purpose behind making this car seems to be to maximize the pleasure of car driving!

Wiesmann is a German sports car manufacturer. Its foundation was laid in 1988 by Friedhelm and Martin Wiesmann. It began as a hardtops provider for convertibles. Thereafter, it has produced only handcrafted sports cars. Each car is ‘tailor made’ according to individual customer preference, making each car a unique model!

There’s not much information provided by Wiessman on the details of the car except that it will be purist, ultra-light yet powerful. This is the motto which is behind all Wiesmann car models like MF5 and GT Coupe amidst others.

The car is a two-seater and has no windscreen and no doors either. If Wiesmann follows the same motto, then likely that the car will have its engine sourced by BMW like with its other cars.

The company as such is not planning to produce the car yet. The model is just getting introduced to the car industry. Putting it concisely, the car at present is only for show. It is being put up only for its evaluation by the car experts for its marketability. If it is appreciated and approved, then the company will decide on its production. In that case, the car can go on sale but not before 2012.

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