The Stylist Beast, 2012 Mercedes BENZ SLS AMG

2011 Wheelsandmore Mercedes Benz SLS AMG 3 The Stylist Beast, 2012 Mercedes BENZ  SLS AMG

2011 Wheelsandmore Mercedes Benz SLS AMG 2 The Stylist Beast, 2012 Mercedes BENZ  SLS AMG

The Mercedes Benz ALA AMG epitomizes both the qualities that one would crave for, when buying for a car. When it comes to speed and appearance, no one can beat Mercedes. The car is one of a kind with its amazingly outstanding design, royal interiors and superb performance. The head turner has elegant design that borrows from the classic designs and presents them in a futuristic context. It is surely made to win the hearts.

Delivering a mega speed of 197 mph and a horsepower of 571, this car is all set to create records. The performance is increased by its 3 piece forged wheels and an additional technology of reduction in the valuation of the load gives the car a superb balance. The SLS that is the Super Spot Light increases the performance. For the wheels the customers can choose from an aluminium option which is super light and they also have LCS (Level Control System) for the luxury version which can be hydraulically adjusted. The serial output of the cool car can be considerably enhanced in just 2 steps.

The electronics are controlled at the optimum best for delivering the out put of 610 horse power and 685 lb- feet or it can also be combined to a handmade exhaust system which has mufflers to optimize the volume with the exhaust valves which are programmed digitally and delivers an Hp of 624 and a Torque of 690. Thus the top speed is 202 mph.

This car gives you to design your own interior and refine the carbon body of the car. This car gives you performance par excellence and the exquisite performance lives up the company’s promise to deliver the best car which is beautifully made for you. It is a good buy for the car lovers who settle for nothing less than the best.

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