The X- Bow based Alfa Romeo 4C GTA, to be built by Dallara

alfa xbow1 The X  Bow based Alfa Romeo 4C GTA, to be built by Dallara

Dallara Automobili is an Italian automobile manufacturing company, which is known for manufacturing car bodies or chassis for various cars of the motor racing series. In fact Dallara is known to have a monopoly in manufacturing Formula 3 chassis, right from 1993. It produces the framework for the IndyCar Series, GP2 Series, Indy Lights, GP3 Series, Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series and various other racing cars in the world. The founder of the company is Gian Paolo Dallara and it was established in 1972, near Parma, in Italy.

After the departure of the 8C Competizione the next model of the sports car manufacture by Dallara was the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA. Even though there was a lot of speculations before this model of car were released, it came to an end, after information about it was finally unveiled last week. Even though the Alfa range of sports car consists of such cars which have engines in front and are front drive models, the Alfa Romeo 4 C GTA is designed in such a manner which is available either in mid engine or rear engine along with rear drive set up. The basis of this model of car is the KTM X-bow. Even though it has been heard that the sister brand of Alfa would have an X-Bow based car, but it happened to be the Alfa brand of car which got the X-Bow.

The framework of the car is made up of carbon and aluminium; and it has a 1.8 litre engine, which is turbo charged and has four cylinders that of direct injection. The styling of the car is being done by none other than Centro Stile and not by Pininfarnia, which was heard earlier. It is learnt that the company will produce around 20,000 to 25,000 units in five years. The price of this sports car is expected to be 40,000 Euro which is around $ 55,000 and will be more accessible than 8C. Though it was expected to be launched in the Geneva Motor Show, but due to certain setbacks it will be launched later.

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