Toyota confirms Yaris HSD concept gas-electric for Geneva

Toyota Yaris HSD concept Toyota confirms Yaris HSD concept gas electric for Geneva

Toyota Yaris HSD concept 5 Toyota confirms Yaris HSD concept gas electric for Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show will showcase the hybridized Yaris HSD in the fall of March 2011.Certain details about the car in terms of fuel consumption and the power are still kept as a secret by the Japanese Company. The gas electrical hybrid car is set to break all records of popularity. The automakers had to roll up their sleeves to come out with this concept which will not only be fuel efficient but also technologically driven.

Europe is all set to welcome the Yaris which has advanced technological features and also saves on the fuel. The quirky looking car is trendy keeping in mind the modern consumers. The car is said to have cutting edge technology but is also kept affordable.

The interiors of this compact small car are kept in tune with the car features. The seats are comfortable, head rest area too is very good so is the leg room. The cruise control system helps you control your cars momentum and there is a speed control too. There are brake locks too for safety and safety air bags for protection. The car is a smooth machine so you can speed it up and slow it down as smoothly as you want. The wheels too have been modified for extra grip and smooth ride on the rockiest of roads. The electronic stability control and the air bags for the knees as well as your body in all passenger seats make the car safe as well as a dream machine.

The interiors boast of vanity mirrors, arm rest, rear seats that fold to a 60/40 digital clocks, and remote operated windows, remote mirrors and wipers. It also has an audio system for you to listen to music when you drive. All in all, this entirely compact car delivers the ultimate driving experience and is a good piece to invest on.

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