Toyota Electric IQ Car – More Environment-Friendly

toyota iq ev 2 Toyota  Electric IQ Car – More Environment Friendly

Geneva Motor show gives chance to auto makers to showcase their masterpieces for attracting customers. Toyota is an internationally recognized auto manufacturing unit which produces numerous sophisticated cars. Toyota has recently launched a special program to design a concept car keeping in mind the upcoming auto show in Geneva. The electric powered IQ vehicle will be showcased at the auto exhibition.

In an official report, a spokesperson of Toyota company has expressed his views about the concept car which is supposed to be exhibited at the Geneva show in March. The electric propelled IQ car has the full fledged powertrain, motor and battery for providing electricity to the car. A group of experts of the company have used innovative Hybrid Synergy Drive mechanism to upgrade the working efficiency of the car. The car is built of light metals and durable car accessories. The best part of the car is that it won’t produce chemical impurity and contaminant to pollute the air. The interior décor of the car is really attractive and up to the mark. This car is light in weight and it is designed with 3+1 retractable car seats which are made more elegant with the usage of high quality leather upholsteries.

The flat shaped lithium ion battery unit is located under the car floor. It is kept in safe. The battery helps the car to covert 65 miles. The indoor odometer is also available in this vehicle. The car driver can check the distance covered by the vehicle by using this sophisticated odometer tool. In addition, there is the presence of tire pressure measurement tool inside the car. In a press brief, the company’s management board has stated clearly by the end of 2012 Toyota will launch this IQ car model in USA and Europe. The wheels, axle bars and clutching systems are well built along with automatic transmission tool accelerators and sophisticated weather monitoring units have upgraded this futuristic vehicle.

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