Ugo Spagnolo Redefines the Duchesses’ 2019 Successor

2019 Citroen DS Concept 12 1024x576 Ugo Spagnolo Redefines the Duchesses’ 2019 Successor

2019 Citroen DS Concept 9 1024x576 Ugo Spagnolo Redefines the Duchesses’ 2019 Successor

Ugo Spangnolo is a car designer and he has earned popularity by drawing the concept car model of Citron DS 24 edition which looks fantastic in design. Ugo Spannolo completed a degree at Insitut Superieur de Design and then started designing and drawing diagrams of various car models by applying his artistic talent. DS 24 car model is attractive and it is upgraded with dashing colour combination and flexible rear doors with smooth roofline. The razor sharp rump and accentuated facelift of the car have magnified the elegance of the car model.

The Citroen DS 24 car has been equipped with eco-friendly power train, suspension system, grip safe steering wheels, flexible and resilient wheelbases which have been wrapped with tyre bands. Spangnolo has tried his level best by drawing animated images of this concept car using 3D vision effect. In this connection, he also took help from the famous Citroen car designer, Ploue in creating the 3D photos of DS 24 version. The eye-catching blue colour of the car has accentuated the gorgeousness of the car. This car is hydrogen propelled vehicle which ensures pollution free car driving. DS 24 car is also upgraded with an hydrogen powered engine which has the maximum capacity of generating 350 Newton Meter torque at the rate of 3250 rpm. It also produces 300 horsepower.

There are other excellent features like a pair of sophisticated glass reflectors at the front side of the car. Well adjusted sun visors inside the compartment of the car are conducive to the protection of car passengers from the direct hit of the UV rays. The floor of the interior cabinet of this car is covered with high quality leather carpet and rugs. In a journal, experts have pointed out that there is excellent combination between the conventional DS Citroen and the modern Citroen car designs. Hard and durable inner framework of the car cabinet can resist water and heat. New face-lift of the DS 24 car model will dazzle the eyes of buyers. However, price range of this proposed sophisticated car has not been calculated, as of yet.

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