Vilner Auto Tuner Upgrades Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Edition

Mitsubishi EVO X Vilner 4 Vilner Auto Tuner Upgrades Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Edition

Mitsubishi EVO X Vilner 1 Vilner Auto Tuner Upgrades Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Edition

Vilner is a well known car tuner and designer, which has already upgraded several different American and European car models and vehicles. Right now, Vilner has chalked out special plans to improve the design of the Japanese car model like Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X version. This Bulgarian car tuner has made a joint venture with Overdrive car designing company which is also famous for its excellent contribution in car upgradation using sophisticated automobile technology.

Vilner car tuner has brought the changes and modification to Mitsubishi Lancer EVO by installing LED lighting fixtures after the replacement of conventional tail lights and EVO X’s lighting accessories. Overall beauty of the car is superb. Both exterior and interior portions of the car are more glamorous and attractive as experts have used durable leather upholsteries to design the car seats. The carbon trim, cutting edge design of the interior compartment of the car and the alcantara roof coverage accessory of the vehicle are unique and high in quality. The jet black colored car cushions are magnificently designed along with carpet on the ground floor of the car cabinet. The front facelift of the car is good to look. The grip safe steering wheel, odometer, speedometer and brakes of the vehicle are well fitted. Window screen, sun visors, glass mirrors, dashboard with drawers, clutching accessories and indoor lamps of the car are long lasting and easy to operate.

Overdrive has well taken care of the exterior parts of the car as it has installed 18 inch wheelbases with tire bands. The car is loaded with a 2.0 liter efficient turbo power train which is capable of producing 400 hp. Furthermore, Greddy exhaust tool and carbon diffuser are well adjusted to this new car edition. Vilner will tune this new Japanese model utilizing the latest technology for the acceleration of the speed, torque and power of the car. Carbon insulated interior trims have made the car more presentable.

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