Volkswagen IL Concept Car with Unique Features

Volkswagen New 1L concept car 5 Volkswagen IL Concept Car with Unique Features

Volkswagen New 1L concept car 18 Volkswagen IL Concept Car with Unique Features

Volkswagen IL concept car will be launched soon. According to experts, fuel consumption rate per 100 kilometres is 1.2 litre. At Qatar show, this newly built 1L concept car will be shown for public display. The car will be decorated with durable leather made car accessories.

Volkswagen 1L concept car variant will be designed with long lasting four wheelbases with low height structure. This sophisticated car provides space for two guys. According to experts, this ultra-modern vehicle weighs 660 pounds. Therefore it is light in weight with good operating systems. The exterior and interior frame of the car is made of carbon fibres. This car always enhances the low fuel consumption and excellent smooth running through roads. Experts have put stress on the durability, reliability and better performance of the car. Car designers have used innovative fashion to accelerate the beauty of Volkswagen 1L version.

Volkswagen 1L concept car provides 40 percent additional torque to the front and rear wheel bases. Volkswagen XL1 is an indispensable part of 1 litre concept car which is equipped with a 7 speed dual clutching system. Automatic transmission tool enhances the constant supply of power to the four wheelbases for smooth running. Tyre bands are extremely durable and they increase the traction of the wheelbases. The scratch resistant axle bars assist the flawless rotation of the wheels. It provides 750 Newton Meter torque at the rate of 2000 rpm. The car seats of the compartment of the vehicle are well built and retractable to get maximum comfort. The canopy type of roof can be lifted for one’s convenience.

Windscreen of the car can be stretched from back to front and vice versa. Canopy of the roof can be operated freely to give space to car passengers for getting into compartment comfortably. The whole car frame is durable and solid. The canopy of the car is made of glass and therefore during daytime one can enjoy the exposure to sunlight while sitting inside the compartment of the car. The car is also equipped with air outlets. One can breathe air properly due to the perfect arrangement of air spoiler and ventilators in the car. Saab Aero X canopy is foldable and can be rolled back to expose the interior section of the car.

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