Volkswagen Touareg R-Line with Aero-dynamic Shape for Car Lovers

2011 VW Touareg R Line 3 Volkswagen Touareg R Line with Aero dynamic Shape for Car Lovers

2011 VW Touareg R Line Volkswagen Touareg R Line with Aero dynamic Shape for Car Lovers

Volkswagen Touareg R-Line will be released for those who like to drive cars for getting pleasures. A team of efficient technical experts have utilized different sorts of sophisticated tools and equipments for the construction of Volkswagen Touareg R-Line vehicles perfectly. After the exhibition of Race Touareg 3 and Gold Edition vehicles at Qatar Motor exhibition, Volkswagen has launched newly built and more energy efficient Touareg R-Line cars which are splendid in design and the color combination is remarkably excellent.

This is the sophisticate vehicle which can rush speedily and competently. Drivers can monitor the speed and distance being covered by depending on sophisticated car accessories like an odometer and a speedometer. Touareg edition of Volkswagen version is flanked by prominently modified skirts and rear bumpers. High quality chrome metal has been used to design the car. In addition, wheels are workable and adjustable to axle bars. There is also provision for safekeeping of spare tyre option which helps drivers to replace deflated tires and install the spare tire to ensure car trip smoothly without any technical drawback. The inner compartment of Volkswagen Touareg car is fully upgraded with marvellously designed car seats with long lasting leather accessories. The cushions are cozy and soft with retractable features. There is enough room inside the car for sitting more comfortably. Nappa leather made sports car seats can be used at one’s convenience. This hybrid car is designed with electric motor for supplying power to run the car. This Volkswagen car is designed with a 3.0 liter V8 engine which has the maximum capacity of generating 380 horsepower along with 428 Ibs ft torque. Total $61,385 has been pegged for selling this car to consumers.

Volkswagen Touareg vehicle is designed with safety tools like air pillows, leather straps and light indicators for alerting frequenter. This is the car which can be powered by battery and therefore drivers are safe while driving vehicle without causing damage to environment. Sound minimization and speed regulating modes provide excellent service in the enhancement of trouble free car. trip.

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