Volvo Releases Photos and New Details on V60 Plug-in Diesel-Electric Hybrid

Volvo V60 Plug in 17 1024x682 Volvo Releases Photos and New Details on V60 Plug in Diesel Electric Hybrid

Volvo V60 Plug in 15 1024x682 Volvo Releases Photos and New Details on V60 Plug in Diesel Electric Hybrid

Volvo Car Corporation has announced the rolling out of V60, a diesel-electric hybrid, the first car in the world ever to function thus. The pictures of the model are released already but the car will enter the market only in 2012. It will debut at the Motor Show in Geneva.

It consists of D5 turbo diesel of five cylinders and 2.4 liter capacity, providing 215horsepower with 440Nm maximum torque. This drives only the front wheels. The rear wheels take their strength from an electric motor of 70horsepower. The motor receives its energy from a lithium-ion battery of 12kWh which is rechargeable from a power socket of 230V/16A, 10A or 6A according to the current required. The car is eco-friendly providing low CO2 levels. It promises fuel consumption which will be low but with enhanced performance.

There are three modes available through their respective push buttons placed centrally on the console. These are Power, Hybrid and Pure.

Power mode enables the best performance possible. Full electric and diesel power combined is released. The output is a combined power of 285 horsepower. The maximum torque provided 200Nm and 440Nm respectively. The car reaches from 0 to 100 kmph/62mph in only 6.9 seconds.

In Pure mode, the car uses only electric power. The driving range reaches up to 51km/32miles. It provides zero CO2 emission.

Hybrid mode is the default mode of the car whenever the driver starts it. It uses both electric and the diesel power reaching driving range of 1200km/746miles maximum. The CO2 emission is 49g/km.

Over and above these three power modes is the AWD mode which enables the four wheel drive through diesel supply to the front wheels an electric power to the rear wheel.

The car is expected to be costlier than its predecessor but this will be announced at the time of its launch.

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