2011 Bentley Brooklands with Aerodynamic Feature

2010 Bentley Brooklands 2011 Bentley Brooklands with Aerodynamic Feature

2010 Bentley Brooklands 1 2011 Bentley Brooklands with Aerodynamic Feature

2011 Bentley Brooklands car will be more sophisticated and dynamic. Comparing to conventional Bentley Brooklands 2010 version, this new car has more user-friendly tools with aerodynamic shape. This car runs well and it is also exempted from carbon emission. Experts have told reporters that the car is loaded with V8 powertrain which generates 530 horsepower along with double turbo 6.75 litre engine which is efficient to produce 774 Ib-ft torque. This car is energy-efficient and conducive to reduction of carbon and fume. Engineers have planned to increase the competency of the car by planting V8 engine which is connected with 6-speed transmission device. Torque is delivered from the powetrain to rear wheels via automatic transmission tool. Engineers have used updated technology to increase the working efficiency along with durability of car accessories.

This new Bentley Brooklands is also meant for accentuated classic exterior design. The front facelift is designed with lightweight grills and headlamp casings. Powerful engine/powertrain has excellent sprinting time. The topmost speed of this car is 184mph. This car is also equipped with extra carbon carbide insulated brakes. The clutching accessories of this car are functional and up to date. 20 inch wheelbases are made of lightweight aluminium with decorated 16 spokes in the car wheels. Tire bands are properly adjusted to wheelbases.

According to experts of Bentley automaker, this car has been tuned by installing ESP or Electronic Stability Program along with ant locking brakes. Sophisticated traction regulating devices have been planted into the car frame to check the tire skidding. To prevent technical disorder, every device has been tested several times to accelerate the competency of the vehicle. This luxury car is easy to operate. The fantastically decorated car seats are also designed with attractive leather upholsters. These car seats are also ergonomic and equipped with recliners. In the driver’s cockpit, there are a number of ultramodern music systems, dashboard, inset glass mirrors, windscreens, odometer, speedometer, and other street monitoring accessories.

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