2011 EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept Vehicle- More Dynamic

2011 EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept 2011 EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept Vehicle  More Dynamic

 2011 EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept Vehicle  More Dynamic

 2011 EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept Vehicle  More Dynamic

The 2011 EDAG Light Car Sharing futuristic car is the upgraded version of EDAG Light Car model which was showcased at Geneva auto exhibition during 2009. This time the company is very hopeful about the future prospect of this vehicle. This vehicle will provide 100 percent reliable service to car users. The 2011 EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept vehicle will have sufficient space inside the cabin of the car. There will be retractable and foldable car seats which are suitable to six car passengers. In the cockpit of the car, the driver will be seen driving the car with comfort due to the presence of excellent ambience in unison with properly adjusted street navigating accessories plus other interior décor items like sun visors, front windscreen, ergonomic steering wheel, functional odometer, and a tire pressure measurement tool. This car ensures zero CO2 emission guarantee.

Technical specifications include energy-efficient powertrain, automatic transmission for shifting torque from power generating device to rear wheels plus suspension dampers for shock absorption. This vehicle is eco-friendly and fuel efficient. Car drivers won’t find it difficult to operate these light weight vehicles which are decorated with attractive interior and exterior car accessories. This car is also equipped with e-communication network. Car passengers can communicate with rest of the world via internet based communicative tools. This new car is very much suitable to short and long driving. One official spokesperson on behalf of the company has told reporters that 2011 EDAG Light Car Sharing theme vehicle has durable and organized suspension tools, carbon diffuser, exhaust tube, and perfectly adjusted struts at wheelbases.

This new vehicle is completely up-to-date and competent. One can use smart phones, iPhones, and laptop inside the car while travelling. There is integrity among car accessories and tools which have been placed in order. The front facelift of the car compartment is designed with trapezoid shaped grill and properly fixed headlamp settings. The compartment of this car is solid and long lasting. There is also air spoiler to enhance the smooth airflow into the cabin for cooling indoor ambience.

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