2011-Eisenmann-Audi-r8-Spark-Eight Review

2011 Eisenmann Audi r8 Spark Eight 1 2011 Eisenmann Audi r8 Spark Eight Review

2011 Eisenmann Audi r8 Spark Eight 2011 Eisenmann Audi r8 Spark Eight Review

2011 Eisenmann Audi r8 Spark Eight 4 2011 Eisenmann Audi r8 Spark Eight Review

2011 Eisenmann Audi r8 Spark Eight edition is new and fantastic to look. The outward appearance of this sophisticated vehicle is painted in superb mind-blowing color shade. The interior portion of the vehicle is naturally attractive due to the usage of excellent leather and application of highly fashionable car design plus ultra-modern technology to reshape and redecorate the car. The outer hull of the car is aerodynamic in shape with properly adjustable front facelift grilles which are also trapezoidal in shape. This sophisticated car is light in weight and the car wheelbases are not only widened, perfectly fitted to the axle bars but also these wheels are also rimmed with tire bands.

This Spark Eight will surely meet the basic requirements of car users as it provides space, comfort and coziness to car passengers. Retractable car seats are also designed with straps and high quality leather upholsters. The borderline of cushions is perfectly stitched to ensure better interior d├ęcor. In addition, the car has been tuned in compliance with Euro carbon emission prevention act. It is also eco-friendly as a team of experts have used carbon diffuser and ultra-modern sound reduction tools for checking both backfire of carbon and release of smoke and harsh sound. The car runs smoothly in whispering sound. The car is also equipped with light weight and energy efficient powertrain, automatic transmission, carbon emission checking system, suspension damper, suspension tool box, struts at the wheelbases. Four car wheels are also upgraded with fenders which cover the wheels from rust, mud water and dust particles.

For keeping brakes and accelerators in safe there is also perfect arrangement of brake cooling tools. There are also spoiler, air outlets and a number of sun visors to protect human eyes from sunlight. The high quality tailpipes are durable. The air flap is also covered with grilles to ensure smooth and obstruction free airflow. The interior and exterior portions of this new car are decorated with attractive car accessories and decoration items.

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