2011 Ford Mondeo with EcoBoost GTDi Engine

2011 ford mondeo sedan 3 2011 Ford Mondeo with EcoBoost GTDi Engine

2011 ford mondeo sedan 5 2011 Ford Mondeo with EcoBoost GTDi Engine

2011 ford mondeo sedan 2011 Ford Mondeo with EcoBoost GTDi Engine

Ford recently brought 2011 Mondeo saloon car for people. This lightweight car will be sold in China as well. At initial stage, Ford has fixed the price range at $25,849 U.S. In a statement issued by top officials of Ford, besides previous color shades, this Mondeo sedan car will be available in other different colors like oyster grey, pearl white and bright orange.

Every car model of Mondeo saloon will be durable and easy to operate. As a part of technical specification, 2011 Ford Mondeo sedan vehicle has been made more energy efficient and competent by installing 2.0 liter capacitated EcoBoost GTDi powertrain. This ultra modern powerplant can generate extra torque which will be supplied to rear wheels for better car running. PowerShift transmission tool is 6-speed and it will also increase the car mobility. The powerplant generates 236 horsepower with 250 Ibs torque. Ford Mondeo car has better performance record as experts have tested its working efficiency. This car is also fuel efficient as powerful engine can save fuel. The car runs 30 miles per gallon. EcoBoost GTDi engine is eco-friendly and easy to install inside the car.

PowerShift technology is workable and competent in saving fuel and checking carbon emission. The GTDi engine releases 176.5kW at 6,000rpm inclusive of maximum torque of 340 Nm at the rate of 1900-3500 rpm. The lightweight aluminium sheet is flexible and user-friendly to car users. It can resist water, sunlight and heat as well. The glass windscreens, lockable doors and glass windows have been properly fitted to the car. The new TiVCT technology has been used to increase the driving performance of the car. The car driver will have better option to check the road condition and monitor streets by using odometer, speedometer, suspension tools and exhaust system. This car is eco-friendly as well. The upgraded hood of the car keeps the internal parts and tools in safe.

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