2011 Hamann Hawk the Super Car

Hamann hawk 6 2011 Hamann Hawk the Super Car

Hamann hawk 1 2011 Hamann Hawk the Super Car

2011 Hamann Hawk designed car is really marvellous to look at. The car has distinct features with a number of innovative car accessories. This car is flanked by four sea gull wing shaped doors which can be pulled up and closed. The car model redefines the modern car design as experts have used their extensive technical expertise and adroitness to make this hawk shaped car more presentable and attractive in design.

The second salient feature of the Hamann sea gull shaped car is painted in Everose Gold colour and this car will be presented at Geneva car show. This supercar is also decorated with rear tail wing just like a hawk tail. The car frame is light in weight and front and rear portion of the car are decorated with bumpers, side bars and street navigation lamps. This car is equipped with 6.2 liter capacitated V8 engine. The average horsepower generating capability of the powerplant hovers around 636 horsepower inclusive of additional addition of 65hp. This powertrain provides 680 Nm and it is supplied to rear wheels via automatic transmission tools. Average rpm rate is 4850. There are air filtering tools and street navigation devices inside the car compartment for ensuring better car running. East to care suspension damper always regulates road friction.

High quality leather /rubber tire bands accelerate traction. The trapezoid shaped front lighting fixtures with rear tailgate lamp are also beautiful in design and shape. Powertrain performs excellently. The sprinting time of the car is around 3.6 seconds and within this short time the car can run as the rate of 0-100 km/h. The car is faster and swifter which runs in whispering vibration. Inside the car compartment, there are carbon trims in well combination with retractable car seats, leather carpet, console and dashboard décor accessories in excellent condition. Adjustable sun visor is convenient to safeguard car passengers from sunlight. The side skirts and rear bumpers of the car are also indispensable parts of this sophisticated hawk shaped vehicle.

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