2011 Hummer H2 Edition- More Eco-Friendly

2011 Hummer H2 2011 Hummer H2 Edition  More Eco Friendly

2011 Hummer H2 2 2011 Hummer H2 Edition  More Eco Friendly

Hummer has proved its technical expertise by manufacturing new cars which have already been brought back to the market. 2011 Hummer H2 car is easy to drive as a number of sophisticated parts and tools have been inserted inside the car for ensuring better performance.

This Hummer H2 car has remarkable features like durable and energy efficient Vortec engines which are available in the capacity of 6.2 litres. V8 engine is capable of generating 403 hp. The automatic transmission tool is also competent to transfer torque from power train to rear wheels without any technical failure. Hummer H2 edition is extremely attractive and beautiful.

There are other excellent features which have made this new car more competent. Inner portion of the car compartment is decorated with soft and easy to maintain car seats with leather accessories. Car seats are also attached with straps and leather belts for ensuring better safety and security. Interior d├ęcor of the car cabin is also very up to the mark as car designers have applied their innovative style to upgrade condition of the car. The car tuning program is very effective to bring back speed and accuracy to the car design. Specially tuned odometer, street navigation system, steering wheel, tire pressure measuring unit and other tools are available in this car.

At the same time, the car wheels are well fitted with durable tire bands and struts to check shock coming out of wheels. Suspension damper is also competent to prevent road friction. This four-wheeler has long lasting chassis. The front facelift of the car is decorated with headlamps and properly designed grilles. This car is also equipped with carbon diffuser, spoiler, suspension tool and exhaust pipe as well. The car runs smoothly without spewing black smoke in the air. The internal parts of car are kept in safe due to durable metal sheet coverage (hood) over machines and tools.

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