2011-Renault-SM7-Concept-Teaser-Sketch- More Spacious and Attractive

2011 renault sm7 concept teaser sketch1 2011 Renault SM7 Concept Teaser Sketch  More Spacious and Attractive

Teaser SM7 futuristic car has been launched by Renault’s subsidiary named Samsung. SM7 concept vehicle has been constructed imitating the car design of Nissan’s J31 hardware. This SM7 concept car is more dynamic and attractive. The car is equipped with a number of easy to care tools. The whole body of this vehicle is flexible and less weighty. The car looks good and the interior decoration of the car is noticeable.

Teaser SM7 concept vehicle has been upgraded and tuned perfectly as very sophisticated technology has been utilized to design the car. This futuristic vehicle’s sportive design and eye-adjustable color contrast are the added features of this concept vehicle. The exterior design of the car is excellent. The side doors are lockable with properly adjusted glass screens.

The front facelift of the cart is designed with strong and durable headlamp casings, trapezoidal grilles with air inlets. The compartment of the car is also decorated with rear lamps. The smoke spewing tube or pipe is also positioned at the back of the ca compartment. Powertrain of the car is capable of generating huge torque and power to enhance smooth car running. Renault SM7 theme vehicle will be displayed at Seoul Motor show which is slated to be held in April.

This car will also feature light weight car wheelbases with durable tire bands. The car will have flexible and durable axles and fenders to provide additional safeguards to car wheels. Experts will use up-to-date and sophisticated road monitoring systems which are very competent to allow car drivers to drive the car during night with pleasure. At the same time, this car will have a functional odometer, a tire pressure measurement tool, and speedometer for upgrading the overall condition of the car. This car will be environment-friendly and very attractive. There will be high quality carbon emission checking system inside the car compartment.

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