2011 Senner Audi A1- Eco-Friendly

2011 senner audi a1 2011 Senner Audi A1  Eco Friendly

2011 senner audi a1 2 2011 Senner Audi A1  Eco Friendly

Senner Tunning has gifted its customers a durable and sophisticated sports kit for the up gradation of Audi A1 car model. The gasoline fuelled 1.4 TFSI will be revised using this upgraded sports kit. The car will be tuned in planting 1.4 litre capacitated power train which is equipped with air-filtering tool in right combination with ECU plus exhaust system.

According to technical specialists, the car will have energy-efficient powerplant which is more functional and competent to generate the maximum torque ranging from 200 to 250 Newton Meter which is far better than the conventional engine generating up to 200 torque(NM). This engine can perform excellently to charge other parts of the body by delivering constant torque and 156horsepower to rear wheels via automatic transmission. There are other equipment and tools like suspension dampers, exhaust pipe, and suspension tools along with carbon diffuser. Functional dampers are very much effective to check the abnormal backfire of road friction. It brings stability, uniformity, and perfection to the car engine inclusive of other internal tools in more organized way, when it runs at high speed via highways and streets. At the same time, the car wheelbases are properly fixed to the car body. The 18 inch alloy wheels are also further decorated with durable fenders for safekeeping of wheelbases. Long lasting S1 Evo tire bands will allow cars to move smoothly. At initial stage, the price range for this new edition has been pegged at €4,590 or approximately $6,100.

In a press release, the company’s CEO has stated that this car is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. The hardware of the car compartment is durable, and interior space of the car compartment is decorated with flexible car seats plus attractive leather upholsters. There will be more powerful street navigation accessories which come handy to drivers for safe driving during night. Car will have sufficient space inside the compartment.

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