2011 Viano Avantgarde Edition 125 from Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Viano Avantgarde 1 1024x682 2011 Viano Avantgarde Edition 125 from Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Viano Avantgarde 2 1024x682 2011 Viano Avantgarde Edition 125 from Mercedes BenzMercedes Benz is one of the oldest automobile manufacturing company of the world and they are celebrating their one hundred and twenty fifth anniversary this year. It is on such occasion, that the company has come up with the new version of the Viano car range, named Avantgrade Edition 125. This car is designed to be the jewel of the Viano series and as such the styling is superbly done. The bespoke nineteen inch wheels are the great style statements from the house of Mercedes-Benz. The mirror housing with chrome finish, front bumper with chrome trim, side skirts of chrome finish and chromed tail gate on the car are the new styling features that look good. The automobile is available in the shades of brilliant silver and obsidian black.

The vehicle is designed to accommodate six adults inside the car cabin. The seating arrangement is such so that two can seat on the front and four in the back. The best part of the back seating arrangement is that the four people can seat face to face. This is not only a car to discuss business on the move, but will also be a great option as a family ride. The car seats are beautifully wrapped in Lugano leather; the customer has the option of opting for Twin DINAMICA micro fibre material as well.

The car is available with two type of engines, A V6, 3 litre diesel engine and a three and half litre gasoline engine. The first one can deliver 224 HP with 440 Nm and the second one is capable to produce 258 horse power. The cars are rear wheel drive, fitted with cutting edge automatic transmission system. The suspension is also redesigned to offer the sporty feel. The edition 125 will go on sale this spring and will be available in two lengths of long and compact.

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