2011 Volkswagen Eos Car- More Dynamic in Design

2011 Volkswagen Eos 2011 Volkswagen Eos Car  More Dynamic in Design

2011 Volkswagen Eos 3 2011 Volkswagen Eos Car  More Dynamic in Design

2011 Volkswagen Eos vehicle is remarkably excellent in design. This light weight car has automatic rooftop like canopy which can be extended and folded automatically using highly sophisticated remote control device. This sophisticated car is also made more unique in design installing front bumper and black coloured Mac Pherson strut suspension system which is a type of damper or shock absorber to check the mechanical shocks. The durable wishbone with a disc like plate forms strut which is basically fixed to the pivot point of wheelbase to control friction coming out of horizontal and vertical livers of the wheelbases. The car tire bands wrapping wheelbases increase the traction and gripping power.

According to experts, Volkswagen Eos is energy efficient, sophisticated, open top vehicle which looks fantastic and more charming. There are other features like the display board which bears the code number of the car. This board is perfectly attached to the rear side of the car. Two sets of both front and rear LED lamps help car drivers to navigate streets in darkness. The interior portion of the car compartment is designed with adjustable and retractable seats with leather covered cushions. The front facelift is sharp and decorated with bumper.

Inside the car, one can find premium colour display unit which increases the brightness of the interior d├ęcor of this sophisticated vehicle. The carbon diffuser, automatic transmission tool, exhaust system, multifunctional suspension system, street navigation tool and smooth dashboard have been added to the car design. To guess the traffic signal properly, experts have installed powerful traffic signalling option (Light Assist tool). The car produces the least amount of harmful carbon based gases. The axle bars of the wheelbases are well adjusted and properly fitted with the main frame of the car. Suspension damper is workable and multi-functional to regulate road friction for ensuring better shock absorption process. The door of the car has key-less locking feature. This light weight car is available in different colour shades.

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