2012 Tata Nano America- Cost Effective and Light in Weight

2012 Tata Nano America 3 2012 Tata Nano America  Cost Effective and Light in Weight

2012 Tata Nano America 1 2012 Tata Nano America  Cost Effective and Light in Weight

2012 Tata Nano America vehicles will be gifted to American citizens for enjoying car trips at affordable cost. This car will be more attractive with tiny car compartment and the durability of this vehicle will be longer. After getting immense success in India on selling Nano cars, this India based automaker has taken a vast marketing plan to invest money for manufacturing Tata Nano America to capture the USA market very soon.

At a press conference, CEO of Tata Auto has stated frankly that Tata Nano America concept car will be kept cheap in price but higher in quality. However before the introduction of this new concept car to American car users, Tata will do a lot of modification and up gradation to heighten the working competency of this small sized car. This concept car will have salient features like carbon reduction mechanism, fuel consumption checking device. This Nano America concept car will not disturb outdoor ambience by backfiring smoke and fume as special care will be taken to minimize the carbon emission process. Tata is hopeful that this futuristic car will be sold in large number in American market. The special feature of the car is the installation of highly sophisticated rocket power plant and easy to operate suspension damper inside the car. Twin turbo power plant of the car will have capacity to generate 33 horsepower. This car will have sophisticated car seats which will be retractable and detachable.

Inner space of the car compartment will be utilized by installing leather upholsteries, sun visors for preventing direct heat of the sun. Window screens can be operated with much convenience. The automatic transmission tools are conducive to better supply of power to rear wheels. Car wheelbases will be rimmed with tire bands for increasing traction. The Tata Nano America will be launched in the USA maybe between the third quarter of 2011 or in the beginning of 2012. Prices of this sophisticated concept car will be lower and comfortable for common car buyers.

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