Alfa Romeo Will Release 2011MY MiTo Soon

Alfa Mito MY 2011 Alfa Romeo Will Release 2011MY MiTo Soon

Alfa Mito MY 2011 3 Alfa Romeo Will Release 2011MY MiTo Soon

Alfa Mito MY 2011 5 Alfa Romeo Will Release 2011MY MiTo Soon

Alfa Romeo has earned goodwill by releasing fully updated 2011MY MiTo edition which is environment-friendly and fuel-efficient. The first car model of MiTO version was shown at 2011 Geneva Salon exhibition. This time, experts have brought specific changes and technical modifications to this new car which is more dynamic and durable.

At first, Alfa Romeo automaker has fixed the price of this new edition at €15,500 or $21,800. This MiTo car will be seen in Italian market for selling purpose. At a conference, the company’s spokespersons have indicated multi-functionalities of this new MiTo car model. This new four-wheeler is equipped with an energy-efficient 1.4-liter capacitated petrol fed powertrain of Progression MiTo car model which is capable of generating 78 horsepower. However, that official spokesperson has also mentioned clearly that there are other engines with different power generating capacities. For instance, car users will get 1.6 litre diesel fuelled engine which has capability to pump out 120 hp. Besides, MiTO version will have another type of 1.3 litre capacitated JTDM-2 model which provides 95 horsepower. This MiTO edition is also more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Experts have made a good homework by installing alternate 1.4 litre capacitated MultiAir engine which offers three types of horsepower facilities like 105/135/170 turbocharged horsepower units.

MiTo MY 2011 is available in different models like Progression, Super and Verde. This car is also made more dynamic by decorating the interior portion of the car compartment with ultra-light metal sheets and car accessories. Car seats are retractable and car passengers will get maximum scope to undergo a trouble free car trip. There are other important tools like turbocharged drivetrain, automatic transmission, suspension dampers, exhaust tools, and carbon diffusers which have been planted inside the new car with much care to avoid technical disorder. This car is also suitable to nocturnal city navigation as car drivers will have better chance to check road using street navigation accessories.

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